Imes Sleep Services

Sleep disorders are very common and most people will experience some type of problem during their lifetime.

We manage all aspects of our patients' sleep evaluations, including pretesting evaluations.

Imes Sleep Center

"It is our goal to provide the best quality sleep services at the best price." 


Advanced Sleep Technology

The SleepImage Ring

SleepImage is used for the diagnosis and management of sleep disordered breathing. The SleepImage Ring is simple to use and comfortable to wear without compromising output quality. WatchPAT home sleep test devices are also available.

During the sleep study, the patient's data is streamed from the ring to a mobile app which then uploads the data at completion of the study to a cloud server. The data is then reviewed and interpreted by Dr. Imes who is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine. 

Pearl - Support Canine

Our Team

Our experienced team is here to help you get the restorative sleep you need.

Norman K. Imes, M.D.
Shawn Fadum, PA-C
Bonnie - LPN
Jennifer - Administrator
Anna - DME Specialist
Heather - Patient Coordinator
Lizabeth - Transcription
Pearl - Support Canine