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Norman K. Imes, M.D. 
Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, OU Health Sciences Ctr. 
Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, and Sleep Medicine 
Bonnie Imes, LPN

Sleep disorders are very common and most people will experience some type of problem during their lifetime. 

We manage all aspects of our patients sleep evaluations, 
including pretesting evaluations.

Imes Sleep Services was organized to provide consultation, evaluation, treatment and appropriate follow-up for all sleep disorders.  

Dr. Imes has been investigating and treating sleep disorders for 40 years.  

Van Tran, PA-C and Tracey Dudley, APRN complete the team of experts dedicated to providing the best in sleep medicine, but at an affordable price for your patients. 

Our sleep professionals use only Respironics DreamStation devices equipped with LTE modems. This allows you and your medical providers to access your compliance data anytime, anywhere. ​

For professional services, 
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Sleep disorders evaluated and treated:

* Obstructive sleep apnea
* Central and complex sleep apnea
* Hypersomnias including narcolepsy
* Restless leg syndrome and other movement disorders
* Parasomnias such as sleep walking, nightmares,               and REM behavior disorders
* Insomnias

"It is our promise to make sleep medicine affordable again." 
Van Tran, PA-C
Tracey Dudley, APRN